The following are the engine categories within the Volvo Penta list. Please select your engine to see the available propellers for your needs. The Prop Doc has aluminum and stainless steel propellers to fit most Volvo Penta Sterndrives.

Remember that we also specialize in repair of Volvo Penta aluminum and stainless steel propellers.

We also carry but do not list on the website, a full selection of Volvo Duo Prop Propellers! Please give us a call for a current price quote!

  1. Volvo Penta 200-290 Drive
  2. 3.0 L (1994-Newer)
  3. 4.3 L (1994-Newer)
  4. 5.0 L (1994-Newer)
  5. 5.7 L (1994-newer)
  6. 5.8 L (1994-1997)
  7. 7.4 L (1997-newer)
  8. 8.2 L (1997)
  9. Aquamatic Standard Shaft (200-250-270-280-290-290SP)
  10. Aquamatic Long Shaft (200-250-270-275-280-290-290SP)
  11. SX Sterndrives (All)
  12. Volvo Duo Prop