Skeg Repair By Prop MD

Skeg Repair Pricing

Chipped up your skeg recently, or even break the whole thing off? We understand. It can happen to anyone. At Prop MD we can repair your partially, majorly, or even entirely missing skeg, and we can have you in and out in the SAME DAY!

We work on skegs for all engine types and set ups, but if you have an I/O Outdrive, please separate the lower unit. Just bring them on down to our shop.

Don’t have the tools or experience to pull the lower unit of your I/O Outdrive? Just bring the whole boat! Our location allows us to work on the skeg while it is still on the trailer. Back it in the morning, and pull it out that same afternoon. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Despite all the preventative measures we take, it is possible that some internal damage can occur due to the heat required during the repair. It is a possibility and we do everything we can to prevent it, but all skeg repairs are done by request and at the customer’s own risk.

It is also highly important that the oil be changed before the motor is run again.