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Michigan Wheel Marine Propellers

With over 100 years of experience as the marine propulsion industry leader, Michigan Wheel continues to make the custom-crafted boat propeller you buy off the shelf. The unmatched performance and the wide variety of styles and types in Michigan propellers offer boaters a single source for boat props that are custom made for every kind of pleasure craft in the water. Boat propellers ranging from the marine inboard and industrial fixed pitch propellers, from 3” through 96” diameters — suited for pleasure and commercial markets, all the way to a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel replacement propellers for Outboard and Sterndrive applications. Whatever your particular demands, Michigan Wheel can fit you with the right, hand-crafted propeller.


Vortex XHS Propellers


VORTEX 3-BLADE: High Performance aluminum propeller utilizing the XHS / XHS II Xchangeable Hub System. Featuring high-performance blade geometry, precision balanced blades, high gloss powder coat and interchangeability with the Mercury Flo-Torq II system, the Votrtex XHS / XHS II is a great choice for replacement or spare propeller for boaters.

  • 20-70 HP (9" - 17" pitch; RH rotation)
  • V4 Outboard (10" - 21" pitch; RH rotation)
  • V6/V8 OBSD (15" - 20" pitch; RH rotation)


    VORTEX 4-BLADE: For quicker planing, improved handling and acceleration. The Vortex 4-Blade aluminum propellers are a great alternative to a comparable 3-Blade propeller, offering enhanced performance when towing water skiers, tubers, knee and wakeboarders. 

  • 20-70 HP (8" - 10" pitch; RH rotation)
  • V4 Outboard (11" - 19" pitch; RH rotation)
  • V6/V8 OBSD (16", 18", 20" pitch; RH rotation)

  • Special Features:

  • High-performance aluminum utilizing industry-preferred XHS Hub System.
  • Available in 3-Blade and 4-Blade configurations.
  • Features performance blade geometry, precision balanced blades, and high-gloss powder coat.
  • 4-Blade option perfect for towing skiers, tubers, knee and wakeboarders, as well as pontoon applications. 
  • The #1 boater's choice for replacement or spare.


    Apollo XHS Propellers


    APOLLO STANDARD 3-BLADE: Apollo propellers are highly polished, ultimate performance stainless steel wheels. Apollo is designed to use Michigan Wheel XHS / XHS II Hub System, and is interchangeable with Mercury's Flo-Torq II hub system. 

  • 30-70 HP (12" - 15" pitch; RH rotation)
  • V4 Outboard (15" - 21" pitch; RH & LH rotation)
  • V6/V8 OBSD (15" - 23" pitch; RH & LH rotation)
  • APOLLO LARGE DIAMETER 3-BLADE: The Apollo 3-Blade Large Diameter propeller is a great for heavier applications that require increased blade area. Common to the entire Apollo line, the Apollo Large Diameter 3-Blade features CAD designed for high performance blade geometry.

  • V6/V8 OBSD (17" - 23" pitch; RH & LH rotation)

    APOLLO 4-BLADE: The Apollo 4-Blade propeller is designed to improve hole shot on heavier loads. The propeller is ideal for pulling/towing in water sports. High performance blade geometry, high luster finish, utilization of XHS / XHS II Hub Kit, and interchangeability with Mercury's Flo-Torq II hub system makes the Apollo 4-Blade the perfect propeller fr a wide range of boats.

  • V6/V8 OBSD 916" - 22" pitch; RH & LH rotation) 

  • Special Features:

  • Highly polished, ultimate performance stainless steel propellers.
  • Available in 3-blade and 4-blade configurations.
  • Can be utilized on most outboard and sterndrive applications.
  • 4-blade design improves hole shot on heavy loads and in water sports.
  • Performance CAD design blade geometry.

  • Michigan Match Propellers


    Michigan Match passes the savings on to you in the form of a high quality, better-performing propeller that typically costs less than the engine manufacturer propeller you're replacing. Every Michigan Match propeller features a NAVAL brass spindle with a rubber cushioned hub which absorbs impact and the stress caused by shifting gears. The rubber bushing is designed to spin free under significant impact, reducing the potential for lower unit damage. Great primary propeller, yet priced as a weekend-saver spare. 

    Special Features:

  • NAVAL brass spindle with rubber cushioned hub absorbs impact.
  • Great primary prop priced as a weekend-saver spare.
  • Improved powder coating and beefier bushing.
  • Perfect aluminum replacement propeller.
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    2. Apollo XHS Propellers

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