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Propellers play a big role in boat performance.
The impact of an out-of-specs prop can be MASSIVE!


Prop MD is the only Propeller Repair
Shop in Minnesota with a Hale MRI


We have not one, but two machines servicing up to a 60" propeller with incredible accuracy.


Hale MRI Machine

Our propeller technicians have been trained through years of experience to repair props with an impeccable level of consistency and high caliber of craftsmanship


What happens when the damage takes a toll on factors that are difficult to see even with our expert eyes?  

Prop MD's MRI (Measurement Reading Instrument) allows us to scan each prop, taking over
8,000 measurements in under 5 minutes! This gives us and our customers a detailed numeric
rundown as well as 3D imaging of the propeller's rake, pitch deviation, blade geometry and so much more, all at a level of specificity impossible to acheive with the human eye.

Even with all of this information available, it still takes the knowledge,
skill and steady hands of our Propeller Technicians to utilize
the results of the MRI report. We are able to diagnose and correct the
following with the help of the Hale MRI

  Isolate trouble areas 
  Strengthen the quality of ALL repairs  
  Restore props to factory specs 
  Adjust propeller for altitude and other operating conditions 
  Modify props to optimize performance  

Make sure you are getting the best repair possible at Prop MD!

We store all MRI scans in our PROP MD
database so any alterations can be
replicated in case of future damage!