Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long does it take to have my propeller repaired?
It depends on the shipping time to and from your home.  However, most props are repaired within 7-10 days.  Each propeller is physically in our shop for approximately 3-4 days. During the busy season repair times may increase, but we will notify you of any expected delay.


How long does it take to receive my shipping label?
You will receive your shipping label within 24 business hours of when you placed your order.  You will receive it through the email address you provided when you placed your order.


Where should I send my prop for repair?
Send it to our shop in Plymouth, MN.  Our address is:


14070 23rd Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55447 


Can the cost of my repair be different than what is advertised on the website?
Possibly, but not likely.  The prices on the website cover most of the repairs we see.  We weld in nicks, straighten, tune, and then finish each prop.  The price would increase if there is more than a quarter sized piece out of a stainless steel prop.  More welding can be done on an aluminum prop for this price.


What type of finish do you use? 
We first prime our props with a corrosion protector and then provide a finish dependent on the type of prop.  Our unpainted stainless props get a mirror finish, whereas our aluminum and painted stainless props look good as new with our high gloss enamel topcoat. 


Are all propellers repairable?
No.  A propeller that has substantial damage that required too much rebuilding is better off being replaced.  HOWEVER, many boat owners are surprised as to how much we CAN repair. 


The best answer to this is to send us your propeller, and if it cannot be repaired we will give you a substantial discount off of a new propeller in exchange for your scrap prop.  We do this as a service to our customers for allowing us the chance to repair your prop.  The price of the new propeller is just above our cost, which covers shipping of the new propeller to your home.


What type of prop IS repairable?
The type of props we repair typically have 10-20% of the blade missing due to nicks, bends, and scratches (similar to the one in the photo below).


Repairable Prop with nicks, bends, and scratches


What type of prop IS NOT repairable?
The type of prop that IS NOT repairable is when half or more of the blade is gone (as seen in the photo below).  


Non repairable prop with half a blade missing


Do you repair all prop material types?
Yes!  We repair NiBrAl, stainless, aluminum, and brass props in our shop.


How large of inboard brass and stainless steel props do you repair?
Our largest prop we repair is 16" in diameter. 


What is your Return Policy?
For our detailed Return Policy, click here.